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Advertising on sweech

You can register as a business to advertise your company online / as an individual to get access to all the columns and articles edited by our sponsors.

Get on with your online campaign on sweech for FREE and start creating an impression online for your business. Should you want to increase your visibility learn about our value added online campaigns and choose the best one that suits your business online marketing needs.

Business listing

A company gets listed on the sweech business index, a business directory entailing the industry in which the company belongs or the area in which they are located.

Users are able to search your business according to the service you offer and location.

It is a free service but should a company need a full page profile and benefits on the directory, a monthly subscription fee will apply.

  1. A full company profile page with logo,
  2. Full contact details, list of products and service
  3. An activity report to watch campaign performance
  4. Online in-contact functionality
  5. Unlimited leads through the search index
  6. A monthly promotional email
  7. Users are able to pin your business as a contacts to their personal profile page for future reference.
Advertorials (Column sponsor)

Advertising through sponsoring a column, a company selects a column to sponsor.

Every week an article is released that has information and initiatives relating to the industry.

The sponsoring company has a choice to write an article otherwise all articles are written and edited by the sweech editorial team.

  1. Includes full business listing
  2. The sponsoring company logo appears at the top left of the page indicating that they are sponsoring the column.
  3. The company can advertise its products on this page
  4. An advertorial captures an audience by offering more than just a logo
  5. The story board will maintain the reader’s attention for longer.
  6. Targeted marketing is achieved
Banner advertising

Every page on sweech consists of three different sizes of banners, the homepage being the premium space.

Each banner has a rate and the advertiser has an option to choose the package that best suits their campaign.

  1. Includes full business listing
  2. Increases your visibility
  3. It’s a quick reference for users searching for services
  4. You can measure the campaign performance
  5. Can easily manage the cost
  6. Brand awareness is achieved
Sponsored listing

Here your business gets profiled on business search results.

You can choose under which area or industry you want to be profiled.

  1. Includes full business listing
  2. Increases your visibility
  3. It’s a quick reference for users searching for services
  4. Targeted marketing is achieved

For pricing and more details contact our sales head via email: thoko@sweech.co.za

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