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5 ways to get out of holiday mode
Written by Bulelwa Mdanyana
21 January 2013

Now that the holidays are over, you may be one of those people battling a mild case of depression. You’re back at work; probably broke after all the crazy shopping and festivities. Life must goes on, as it does at the beginning of every year and you want to start this one on a good note. While most peope are back at work, there is a high possibility that some are still suffering from a holiday hangover. Here’s how to break out of the holiday mode and start 2013 with a bang:

Get a new vision board

One of the best parts about the New Year is being able to fill in a new vision board. Most people like making resolutions and there’s nothing wrong with that but a vision board is better because you can put it up on the wall in your bedroom. It will be something you see every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to bed, that way you will have something to remind you of your goals.

Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual

The first few weeks of work after the holidays are always the worst. We can guarantee that you’ll either oversleep, or you’ll spend your first day surfing celebrity gossip sites or updating your twitter/Facebook pages instead of getting anything done. As painful as it sounds, we’d recommend getting out of bed earlier so that you’ll have time to warm up. Make yourself a cup of tea, check Facebook BEFORE getting into the office, and be thankful for being able to see another year and actually have a job to get to.

 Have something to look forward to

Test-drive that new pair of shoes, treat yourself to a nice lunch.  Make your holiday-to-work-mode transition easier by giving yourself a little reward. After all, going back to work is no easy task, especially when the adrenaline rush brought about by the holiday hustle and bustle is starting to wear out.

Try and take it easy on your first days

A lot of tasks await you as the year’s first work week commences, and while we would like to get everything done soon, multi-tasking at this point is not the way to go. There are loads of things to be done once work resumes, but unless all of them are urgent, don’t feel the need to attend to them all at once. Categorise tasks according to priority level, and attend only to the urgent matters at first. You will accomplish a task better by giving it your undivided attention, instead of attempting to juggle everything at once. Approach work with a positive, can-do attitude, instead of seeing it in a negative light.

Start a health or fitness plan

Remember that every additional year is one year closer to old age. To delay the process for as long as possible, take diet and fitness seriously.  First, set some kind of goal – it can be to eat home-cooked healthy food five days a week, join a gym, or jog every morning, then find a group of friends or a partner to keep you on track


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