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Is your business website giving you value for money?
Written by Sweech Editorial Team
25 June 2013

Online presence is inevitably a crucial investment for your business in this digital generation. Without online presence depending on the business, you may be losing out on potential business leads coming from online users that would ordinarily search for services online. Online presence does not come cheap, designing a website will cost you not less than R 5000, after which you will need to pay for hosting fees on a monthly basis. The maintenance thereof cannot be ignored, which is an additional cost. Further costs of optimising the website so that search engines will be able to crawl to it should also be considered.

The important question then is; how can one achieve online presence in the most cost effective way? One common way is through creating a social network page for your business like LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook, but you can only achieve as much using social media. Another way will be to list your business in various online business directories which also can only help you to a certain extent. Even though these services are available for free, you may need to spend some money for enhanced (value add) services that will increase your chances of getting leads, still with no guarantees.  

One platform that can give you an optimal cost effective solution to online presence is sweech, an emerging, online business profiling and advertising portal. The profile/web page which is designed with an end user in mind gives you a 3 in 1 solution, an online campaign suite which is:

  1. A profile with a unique URL and QR code which is equivalent to a “website” for your business with the optimal detail that your potential customers will need to contact you.
  2. A listing in our online business directory, your interactive profile will be able to generate leads from the directory, also users can tag your profile as favourite for future reference.
  3. Social media strategy through your profile where your clients will be able to rate your service or talk about your business on their social networks. Your profile will have an email marketing tool where you can email your promotions to all the users that have tagged your business profile.

With this solution you will be able to measure the performance of your profile through the hit counter, number of users tagging your business and leads that you receive. Other value added services are available to increase your visibility online.

Check out the website: www.sweech.co.za  designed professionally with its distinctive cut above the rest brand “sweech”. Register your business and start building your profile for free.  To register go on the registration page and fill out a registration form, activate your account by login in with details sent to your email. Complete your business profile, add your company street address to update your Google maps, add your social media links. List up to six key words or phrases on spaces provided that relate to your business, add a short business profile and full profile on spaces provided, this will enhance the SEO of your profile. Keep your business profile fresh by editing it at least once a month that will improve your SEO.



Our products and solutions include, but are not limited to: credit providing, insurance products, cellular services, franchisee opportunities and technology and support-related services. All products and solutions are simple, affordable and accessible


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Our products and solutions include, but are not limited to: credit providing, insurance products, cellular services, fra...

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